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At Mad Bro Inc. We put together the best Amateur/Pro tournaments in the country for BMX, Skate, Surf, Pro Scooter riders and more. The Xtreme Amateur Games contests are a community effort to bring action sports competitions to young adults in all 50 states. The world is changing and not all of our youth fit into society’s traditional mold. High school sports do not allow for these types of contests, and that is why we have created the Xtreme Amateur Games. We have had the support of many local businesses for each competition.

The tournament is held at different Skate parks a crossed the nation, started in Portland OR.  It will consist of 10-15 competitions, throughout the whole year. The tournament is for BMX, Skateboarders, and Scooter riders of all age groups. Minimum age required is 8,  girls can sign up also. There will be 3 competition levels in the tournament- Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Winners can compete in the following competition, and the final.

If you would like to host our competitions in your park please contact us.

Click here to print out Xtreme Amateur Games Waiver

Prizes include Cash, Skateboards, Bmx Bikes, Scooters, Gear, Stickers, Indoor Sky diving certificates and more!

There is a sign up fee per contestant.

Please check out the schedule of events and fill out the spot you want on the sign-up-sheets  page if you would like to participate.

All competition dates are subject to change,  so be sure to like our Facebook to be notified of any changes.

Sponsors are welcomed, and volunteers at the events.