July 28, 2016



So you want to get sponsored…

Well we want to help you get sponsored, or more sponsors if you already have some. Being sponsored is more than just being good at your sport. You also have to get the big brands and shops to know who you are, and you have to promote their brand if they sponsor you.  Please fill out the form below and we will forward your info to specific sponsors looking for your talents.

At Mad Bro Inc. we have partnered with a large amount of shops in the P.N.W. and can get you in front of them.  By coming to the comps. and winning, you will get yourself in the comp. videos most likely.  By being in the videos you will have your sick runs out there for all to see.

Keep track of the upcoming comps. on our tournament calendar page and by following our Insta. or FB. These comps. are very difficult to put together and you don’t want to miss them!  We also need more people signing up ahead of time in order to have the right amount of volunteers for each event.

Thank you for taking the time to fill this out!

(Please note your info will be provided to potential sponsors if they request it from us)

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