June 30, 2017



Mitchell J. reviewed Mad Bro Inc. — 5 star

Can’t wait for Battleground
I have only been skating for 6 months and went to my first contest in Oregon City and it was awesome!

Mitchell J.

Craig Spjut  Gabe and Raven,
Thank you for coming down to Arcata.
What a great event, thoroughly enjoyed all of the event. Keep up the good work.

Craig S.

Don’t forget! For 2016, I am proudly sponsoring the local Xtreme Amateur Games! This organization encourages young riders to find a healthy outlet in a safe indoor park while giving out some fun prize incentives! It’s amazing what these kids can do at such a young age!

The next tournament will be on Sunday March 27th. And it’s a SCOOTER competition! So if you have some youngsters who scooter, come watch and support all the hard effort that goes into these competitions! It’s right in Clackamas next to JJ Jump. See you there!

Bill C.

Austin S.

Isabella Chino Thanks for being a force with these kids.

Isabella C.

Connor M. Forgot to tell you, love love love what your doing this comp thing is GREAT now that I’ve participated I can see why kids would want to comp back for the next. Clayton J. a team rider as well as my best friend has been going through a lot And let me tell ya the touch of you handing the trophy to him was amazing he has been so happy since he got it he’s had a smile on his face since the whole ride back to Salem he was admiring his trophy and how he can’t wait for the next and how he will do better next time and wants first! Honestly I was a little bummed I didn’t place but I understand I didn’t land too many tricks and I could have done 100 times better. I was really nervous too. Clayton got 3 new learns in his run he was doing anything too win. And I would of rather him win than me if I new how happy he would be so next time I know to try harder create a better run. Wonder how many other kids you make feel that way🤔

Connor M.

 Angie W.This was not WSL. and they didn’t have any photographers this year on the cliffs. so nothing to post in real time. there were not enough skis and one broke, so tony played taxi. even Jon Monroe didn’t have time to take out his camera as they needed him for a driver. skis aside, the crowd was fantastic this year. the group of surfers who showed up were energetic and joyful, and all the after stories were exciting and had folks ready for another contest. Gabriel M Smith puts on great events through this company @xtremeamateurgames

Angie W.